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| November 26, 2014

Eat healthily. Do you recall how our ancestors ate? They usually ate raw meals; everything was organic and natural. They were healthier and lived longer, productive lives. Your eating habits will be your greatest challenge as most of you do not know or understand the chemistry or science behind food.

What to consider? You should cook hard to digest foods and eat raw, digestible, and high alkaline foods. Barbara Milton in her article, For Digestive Bliss Eat Foods that Don’t Fight, posted on, writes that there are two groups of food from which you must eat, and you should never cross them. One group is starches, fats, starchy green vegetables, and alkaline fruits; the other is proteins, non-starchy green vegetables, sugars, and acidic fruits. This is imperative for optimal digestion and weight control. Fat and other inflammatory foods are driving forces in the production of fibroids. Hence, your condition may be worse when they are combined.

Further, if you eat at regular intervals, your body will thank you. When you put meals in, waste should be expelled. This is the best way to avoid toxins from spreading in your body. Take a look at Dr. Sebi’s “Recommended Foods”; everything there is digestible. Beware that his list of foods is mostly alkaline and that your body needs to properly balance pH, so acidic foods are equally important. Do not be surprised if you feel confused after comparing information. Doctors or researchers do not always agree on the food chart categories.

In addition, always wash your fruits and vegetables to minimize toxins that you inevitably take in (from your surroundings). Note you should remove the rind from fruits such as cantaloupe, and then wash them. By slicing into the fruit, you transfer the embedded dirt, pesticides, herbicides, and wax.

To be clear, avoid allergy causing foods (gluten, corn, certain nuts, fish, milk etc.); processed/refined foods (white rice, white sugar, white bread, or foods that are bleached, canned or in another package); MSG (certain seasonings), and GMOs (some fruits, vegetables, and grains).

Eat. I learned over the years that food plays a vital part in healing tumors and/or ridding the symptoms. Because I was under-informed of food and nutrition, I did not appreciate the full value of fresh produce. In fact, there was a time I was eating mostly processed foods. Thoughts rested on educated people who make food, in this day and time, available for quick consumption. Furthermore, one would think that if it is edible or eatable and approved by some governing body, then she should not become ill, after all, it is not medicine. Now I know it is!

I had been eating soy for five years before I was diagnosed. Not only that, I ate out and ate junk food often because I was busy working two jobs to pay for the college in which I was enrolled. It required time for me to see this as I was vegetarian-like since 1998. I have since transitioned into a vegan-like meal plan. The change was somewhat easy because I rarely ate meat. However, I had difficulty giving up poultry. Now I am down to seafood. I am not a vegetarian because I eat seafood and I do not eat dairy. I am certainly not a vegan because I eat seafood and I do not eat soy.

The changes in meal plan began out of curiosity to see how my body would respond considering that I had issues with food since birth. Indeed, the frequent abdominal pains I had stopped. And then there was soy. In 2009, I googled information on fibroids to see what new treatment(s) was on the market. The therapies I found were invasive and non-invasive, but not ideal for me. During the same session, I clicked on Women to Women™. I absorbed everything I found on tumors before ordering its supplements, which are for hormonal imbalance. That is, perhaps, the leading cause of fibroids.

Until now, I practically gave Fibroids Miracle™ just about all the credit. To admit, knowledge of healing through a proper, natural meal plan began by a consultation with Dr. Idamae Hanna at her nutrition store, Healthy Lifestyle Centre & Deli, New Providence, The Bahamas. I still have the literature she provided. When I tried her recommendations, happiness exuded deep within the stomach. I lost hope knowing that, like other professionals, she did not give a definitive answer that I would be cured. Besides, natural eating habits are costly to maintain, can you imagine organic? It is not her fault. Fibroids are that peculiar to treat.

After this, the walk positioned me in the hands of Women to Women™. Here, I learned some of the reasons why I should eliminate certain foods from the diet. This uplifting walk began with me not adding refined sugar to eats and drinks. I will mention the wonders of its supplements in that section.

And now I am considering exploring Dr. Sebi’s products. I actually tried some of them but not the therapy specifically for fibroids. His site lacks the information I need. When I read about something as crucial as treating uterine fibroids, I like to see the whys and wherefores. There should be no reason for me to take his word for it. In fact, the only reason I am using some of his products is because a trusted friend told me about him, and his mother said her fibroids shrunk after she used his seamoss and bladderwrack powder. By the way, I bought it, yet these taste buds need to be exchanged. I am searching for a mixture which will help me to swallow it.

Like I previously reported, I am following this natural or organic path because it has been working. Due to different constraints, I have not been as committed as I want to be. However, it has been four weeks since I have been adhering to 95% of Dr. Sebi’s food shopping list suggestions and Leto’s supplement guide. Just about all the symptoms I have had have gone away and the tumors are shrinking. In addition, other inflammatory ailments have subsided such as a swollen face, hands, and hemorrhoidal flare ups.

Eat based upon Dr. Sebi and Leto’s plans, and I attempt to eat alkaline with alkaline and acidic with acidic:

  • Buy organic and natural foods.
  • Eat greens during every meal.
  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables 75% of the times.
  • Prepare my foods.
  • Avoid or limit allergy causing foods such as corn, eggs, and peanuts.

Sample Menu

  • Breakfast, 7:30 a.m., fruits and greens – butternut squash salad: bell peppers and lettuce seasoned with sea salt, dill or tarragon or basil and coriander. I rarely use traditional fruits as a substitute.
  • Lunch, 12:00/30 p.m., starch and greens – quinoa and green onions seasoned with olive oil, sea salt, cumin or oregano and/or annatto.
  • Snack, 4:00 p.m., fruits and nuts – plums and hazelnuts or cantaloupe and almonds.
  • Dinner, 6/7:00 p.m., protein and greens – kale salad with salmon: kale, cilantro or another green and onion or jicama seasoned with salt, sage and basil with steamed, salted salmon. I may use one seasoning with salt in the salad and another on the fish.

Listen attentively to this “message” in the video above. I do not support some of the things he says, and because women of color, typically, have the problem discussed on this page, I strongly urge you to watch it.

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