Examine Your SEEDS

| November 26, 2014

Examine your SEEDSthe way you sleep, exercise, eat, drink, and supplement your diet

There is too much chatter and unnecessary expense of supposed cures for uterine fibroids. One thing that is certain is you can shrink fibroids and eliminate the symptoms if you are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle. Here you will discover simplified steps to shrink them and, most certainly, reduce the symptoms.

Exam annually. Before you begin any health regimen, go for a health checkup. It could also be done bi-annually to better follow your progress.

What to consider?

Tell your doctor what you hope to accomplish and ask him to advise you. You must know the state of your blood and vital organs such as your uterus, liver, kidneys, heart, and bladder. It is suggested that you get an ultrasound (transvaginal and abdominal), a pap-smear, CA125, chemistry panel, cholesterol profile, urinalysis, complete blood count, and an allergy screen. The results are especially significant to help the doctor and/or nutritionist to determine what you must do to improve or maintain your health.

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