Exercise Regularly

| November 26, 2014

Exercise regularly. Gradually work yourself into a pattern. If your routines stop working, up your time and/or activities a notch. Continue this even after you reach your goal.

What to consider? You must do abdominal crunches, Kegels, squats, lunges, run, jog, and speed walk, or do anything aerobic. As you exercise for about 15 minutes each day, always contract and retract your abs along with your pelvic floor (do these throughout the day) or squeeze in your abs, and use a hot towel or a hot natural rub on your lower abdomen to help reduce the inflammation.

Exercise. Years ago, I did stretches, home aerobics, and jogged around the neighborhood about three times a week, and I went on fun/run/walks for charities. I sped walk just about each month. During those years, I did not focus on the problem as much and the tumors remained at bay. As soon as I stopped exercising, it was as if they sped walk in the womb. Two of the fibroids grew so big I could feel them on the surface of the skin and one has the lower abdomen lopsided. It would be nice if they could somehow run themselves out of this body. Since I returned to exercising almost every day, the fibroids shrunk. I know this not because I had an ultrasound, but because I use the bathroom more freely, and I no longer feel the other tumor or have pain when I drop myself in the chair.

Again, I aim to give the body what it needs. Success comes from trial and error. I remember when I used to leave home early, I crawled to the bus stop. One day, I timed how long to run to it takes me. It may sound crazy, but to make sure I run at least five days a week, I leave home with ample time to get there. If I choose to walk, then I miss the bus. What do I…?

Exercise from weekend to weekend:

  • Stretches – I stretch these legs back and forth; I reach above the head on tipped toes with my fingers outstretched; I cross these legs and touch the toes; I put these hands behind me, bring them to the center of the back, take them over the head, and then to the center of the chest all the while they are clamped together. (I am flexible.) I do them for ten to twenty seconds each.
  • Abdominal crunches – I lay on the back and bring one leg at a time to the chest; I stand up and crunch the body towards these thighs; I bend backwards to reverse the previous; and I get on these knees and bring the body to and from it.
  • Run in one spot – I limit running activities to one/two miles because I have an ankle and knee injury. For these reasons, I run in one spot while keeping these feet on the ground at all times.
  • Twists – I squeeze these buttocks and move these arms along these breasts as I twist in a full body motion to tighten all the muscles.

As I engage in all the routines, I hold in the abs and pelvic floor. I vary the time for each between 200 to 900 counts or I exercise for fifteen to thirty minutes every Saturday and Sunday, other than running, crunching, contracting and retracting the abs, and Kegeling during the week.

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