Fibroids Health Update

| July 25, 2013

The Fibroids Fighter Health Update

Marsha, the Fibroids Fighter, created this website in 2012. And she is still finding new ways to treat this problem. Like she said, this is something she will be fighting for the rest of her life—fighting to stay healthy, that is. Hence, she will update this section from time to time. Whether or not she realizes elimination of the tumors, she encourages you to rest assured that it is possible. It is a matter of being able to maintain a holistic treatment.

This post talks about different herbal supplements the Fibroids Fighter used; connecting with herself spiritually; the side effects of fasting; acupuncture; her 40 days/nights of fasting; and her post health updates. She urges you to deduct the most important message implied/written on this site—healing is within you. Here is what the Fibroids Fighter has to say about the 2013 events before her post updates:

A New Supplement

To begin with, I started a herbal supplement called PMS Female Hormone Combination by Common Sense Herbs (CSH). Although it has reduced the size of one of the major tumors, tremendously, the largest one is slow moving, so I’m trying supplements by Merchants of the World Store (MWS) called Fibroid Plus, Red Clover, and Irish Moss. My fibroids health update is chronicled below:

Around May 16, my belated maternal grandmother Mary’s birthday, I come across a video on YouTube where a lady, Vivian Moody, is talking about how she has been cured of uterine fibroids. True or false, real or fake, I decide that this will be one more treatment I’ll try.

I leave a message on MWS’ website the following day. Mr. Harriatt, the CEO and founder, wakes me up Sunday morning, May 19, to furnish me with the info I need to know about his products. Initially, I’m not sure which questions I want him to answer because I’m still sleepy. He is fully prepared and tells me what they are. Because he gives me those answers and more, I’m ready to buy when he says, “Where would you like me to ship them?” He’s my kind of salesman—answer my questions upfront, tell me other details you deem important, and then sell the product(s).

Even though CSH is working for me, my system appears sluggish and the largest fibroid is pretty stubborn, so I think now is a good time to begin something new or incorporate another treatment. At another point, I come across a video about treating fibroids with hempseed oil.

I start the oil on Monday, May 20. By Wednesday, I experience uterine spasms. I meditate on it to be a sign of shrinkage. The taste could be better, but if it is working, I will endure until they are completely dissolved.

Now back to MWS with my initials therein. Is this another good sign? Any ray of hope will do. I start its herbs on Monday, June 1. My stomach turns to let me know something different is in it. The following day I have lower and upper abdominal spasms. I can’t be sure if it’s the herbs or my not eating as responsibly as I do during the week. Today is June 3. The spasms haven’t subsided, and my uterus or lower abdomen feels tight or harder than normal. No doubt, it’s fighting the supplements—‘playing hard to get’. On a positive note, the same day I begin the herbs, I stop spotting.

This Tuesday, June 10, is met with a rough period. I’m changing more than I did last month. The flow has been continuous, all day. I’m praying I’m not hemorrhaging. I have increased discomfort with slight spasms when I sit down. And I have a lot of blood clots. I basically didn’t have any when I was using the PMS formula.

Since MWS advised me to stop the fibroid treatment during menstruation, I go back on the PMS formula because it knocks out abdominal discomfort. I feel I would have had more pain/discomfort had I not been taking the capsules. I’m taking six because I don’t know if it counteracts the effects of MWS’ supplements. Otherwise, I take 12 caps (6 before breakfast and 6 before dinner).

To be clear, Mr. Harriatt told me I may have heavy bleeding and tightness. His explanation was that the tumors are reacting to the herbs and expelling them out in my period. When I completed another treatment, this is what happened. It was terrifying, though, because I didn’t want a transfusion. At that time, it didn’t occur, but at least the tumors shrunk (I had an ultrasound to prove it).

Fasting, Praying, Meditating, and Reading 

Right Side of Abdomen Tensed View - Flatter Stomach

After (Uterus in Groin and Treatment Continues)

Raised Uterus (Above the Navel)

Six Months before Improved Diet and Fasts (Uterus Raised above Navel)

School’s closed. I ‘up’ my healing process. In fact, I make a decision to start totally new. As of the evening of June 14, I have my last protein and starch snack/meal. For the next two months or so I’ll be fasting, praying, meditating, and reading. I start with a 3-day juice fast and a 2-day liver cleanse. I feel a little spasm in my right lower back. This is the side the largest tumor is on. I often wonder why aches and pains are concentrated on my right side. Even pimples flourish on the right side of my face. Why is my right side so wrong?

Anyway, I’ll get back to the purpose. Normally, I eat a vegan diet, which includes nuts/seeds, grains, fruits, and vegetables. However, I’ll either eat herbs, fruits and vegetables, drink teas and water, and take herbal supplements for most of the 70-day fast I’m on. I didn’t pull this number from the sky. I’ll simply consume most of the time I have off from work and start my regular meal plan the weekend before I return.

In the past, I fasted for one or two weeks. I felt great! Years later, I look back and think how idiotic it was of me to discontinue the meal plan. Well, I’m better educated, so I understand more about my body. After I will have gone to the lab to have my protein level checked (yes, I do my own tests; if they’re abnormal, I’ll consider the doctor), I will decide if I will remain a vegan. At least I know for sure that my eating habits will consist of organic and natural food. Because I’ve ceased microwaved, processed, and packaged food (except some grains, dried fruits, nuts, herbs, and oils), I’ve noticed my health has improved.

My 70-day fast will be the most intense. I exercise, pray, meditate, and relax daily. I incorporate massage, too. And Friday, June 21, will be my first acupuncture session. Also, I add swimming back to my routines after not touching the sea for over five years. Lastly, I’ll be using heat packs (castor oil and hemp seed oil) on that most challenging fibroid. They supposedly shrink the tumors, but it could be the heat alone that reduces the inflammation.

When I’m done with the liver cleanse, I’ll resume the fibroids supplements. For your knowledge, I never stopped taking the essential fatty acids (olive and hemp seed oils). I forgot to mention that a 7-day parasitic cleanse will follow as not only meat lovers/eaters are susceptible to them–it’s a human/animal thing.

I expect great news in the days to come about my fibroids health update. After all, I read Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, which teaches me how to let my conscious mind cause positive thoughts to be planted in my subconscious mind enabling me to reap what I sow. It imparts techniques to help one pray effectively for a good personality to health to wealth. Dr. Murphy suggests that we rid ourselves of bad thoughts/habits and build good ones. With that said, I deserve perfect health for being committed to my endeavors and true to supporting you in the face of it all!

Side Effects of Fasting

It’s been almost two weeks. To reflect, my inside smelled rotten when I used the bathroom on the 3-day fast. I didn’t lose weight, and I felt hungry only when I didn’t drink as scheduled. The 2-day liver cleanse seemed to have released a little cholesterol (floating stool the second day); otherwise, the stool appeared to have had greenish stones (this is just to say it wasn’t normal). I didn’t notice any difference with the 7-day parasitic cleanse.

Acupuncture Reflection

Six Months before Improved Diet and Fasts (Uterus Raised above Navel)

Six Months before Improved Diet and Fasts (Uterus Raised above Navel)

After (Treatment Continues)

Since then, I went for two treatments of acupuncture. I felt a little tingle in my nerves when the needle went in my right hand and leg. The second time I barely felt a thing. I will go tomorrow for my third trip. I’m considering no more than five or six treatments. I want to accomplish uterine shrinkage and improved sleep. Supposedly, it takes about that many treatments to recognize the difference in health.

Well, today, July 19, after two Fridays of downpour, I go for another acupuncture session. The acupuncturist says the largest tumor seems smaller. After praying and meditating each day to keep a positive frame of mind, I expect some favorable change to be noticeable.

A Long and Successful 40 Days and 40 Nights

It’s July 24. I decide to end my fast early. Besides, ‘40 days and 40 nights’ is memorable, isn’t it? A part of the reason why I make this decision, other than notability, is because I had been watching a lot of food videos and although they helped me to improve the look and taste of my meals, I developed mad cravings like I’ve never experienced before. Even further, I lost ten pounds. According to Publix’s scale, I started at 118 lbs. now I’m at 108 lbs. When I last visited the doctor I was 110 lbs., which is normal for me; when I go for another checkup, I want to see more than 100 lbs. or the latter on the scale. I haven’t been this thin in over a decade. I was borderline underweight. Now I am underweight.

I am aware that I should lose weight, but with five servings or more of fruit each day and two huge bowls of salad, I thought that I would’ve lost not more than 5 lbs. For me, this means spending the rest of the summer gorging. Next time I will fast for a period of seven to fourteen days only.

Here’s the bottom line: I’ve accomplished some changes in the size of the tumors, and I’m convinced that a positive mind frame is a healing/preventive mind frame.

I still have another session or two of acupuncture. I expect the acupuncturist to comment again about shrinkage. In addition to developing a sustainable mindset, I will continue to exercise, and I stick with my increased intake of fruits, greens, and vegetables. I continue to fight with going to sleep and staying asleep. Realistically, though, I always got up once to use the bathroom during the night. Hence, I would have to meditate about not having bathroom calls when I want to slumber without interruptions.

I’m married to my health. I will spend the rest of my days continuing to pray and meditate each day for my health, my family and friends’ health, and equally important, your health.


The Fibroids Fighter took the summer off from work to nurse herself to better health. She is achieving this by doing various fasts (juice, liver, parasitic, fruits, vegetables, and herbs). Further, she exercises, prays, meditates, reads inspirational teachings, and eats well. She even includes acupuncture, massage, and swimming as methods of wellness. Her overall thought is that to realize healing, we must clean ourselves mentally and the rest will come. Marsha credits Dr. Murphy for changing her mindset. Little does she know, his book brings Fibroids Fighter together, too. It focuses on examining your SEEDS, which is an acronym for sleep, exercise, eat, drink, and supplement—highlights of the website. If you plant good seeds (thoughts), your subconscious mind will see them through.

Post Health Updates

Part I

Today, August 7, 2013, I go to Publix, the same one as in the past, to check my weight. A few weeks after the fast, I now weigh 119 lbs. Super! My aim is to get to 135 lbs, which is a body mass index of about 21.5.

Tomorrow. I will have my sixth acupuncture treatment. My abdomen is down, and my ability to sleep more is up. I find that although I still wake up to use the bathroom, once I get back in bed, I fall asleep easily. I plan on seeing the acupuncturist in a month or two after I will have completed MWS’ supplements and if I’m not 100% healed by then. I will take her herbal supplements; after all, I do value my grandmother, Mary’s tradition for ailments. Remember, the things we believe in have just as much healing effects as do prayers/meditation.

Part I.I

I go back to the acupuncturist three months later, and she tried to charge me for the supplements, although she had told me they were included in the treatment. She claims that the tumors are not the same as they were when I first came. I will not be going back to her again. (Not because I do not trust her, but because people never treat me the same way after a conflict.)

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