Fibroids Miracle Holistic System

| November 23, 2012

Fibroids Miracle Book Cover BannerWhat is Fibroids Miracle Holistic System all about?

It is a “proven drug free holistic system for eliminating uterine fibroids naturally.” I was stunned by the amount of information Amanda Leto, author of the Fibroids Miracle Holistic System, reveals in her e-book. Although it poses a lot of challenges, in terms of carrying out her instructions exactly, I am still reaping from her wisdom.

Fibroids Miracle e-book speaks of everything. It guides you on exercises, foods to eat (it has a 14-day menu), how to eat, meditating, releasing stress, detoxifying, juicing, sleeping, curing yeast infection, supplemental intake and more.

Other than the fact that my health has improved because of it, I like her product because it dictates the lifestyle everyone should foster, it is detailed, and it offers natural remedies. Yes! She tells you natural ways and why you should do what she suggests, and she extends herself by offering free consultations for as long as she advises you to use it (usually two months).

After using Fibroids Miracle Holistic System for a few to several weeks, I had better digestion, I lost centimeters to inches off my waist, the most detectable tumor felt smaller, and most of the symptoms I had been experiencing were gone.

If you work from home, are unemployed, or have the freedom to regularly go to the bathroom at work, you would be the most likely candidate to fully benefit from her plan. This is because, for example, detoxifying your body requires drinking more fluids that will result in frequent bowel movements and urination. Not only that, but she advises her customers to be intimate with food. What is she talking about? That is, when you eat you should be free of distractions. By the way, this includes not watching TV or talking while you are eating. Also, you should focus on chewing. Your food should be as mushy as possible for optimum digestion. At the moment you swallow, your food should be like puree because the body will be able to pull more nutrients from it compared to course or chunky swallowed food. Consider this especially when you eat hard to digest foods such as spirulina or raw broccoli.

Overall, I will follow her ideas long after these tumors are gone because I feel energized and sound. Where was she when my quest first began? What does the old adage say? Better late than never. Again, I highly recommend Leto’s guide, Fibroids Miracle Holistic System.

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Hello Fighters! I have been on a quest to learn about uterine fibroids and natural cures since 2003. I enjoy helping people so I thought it fitting to start Fibroids Fighter, which was launched on November 15, 2012. Miami, FL is what I call home. However, I was born and raised in New Providence (Nassau), The Bahamas. I work as an educator and a successful independent tutor. I aspire to become an accomplished Internet educator/entrepreneur. In 2014, I graduated from Miami Dade College with a Bachelor’s of Applied Science Degree in Supervision and Management. Several months later, I was accepted in a Master’s of Science Degree in Adult Education and Human Resource Development at Florida International University. Though, I decided not to continue due to family concerns. When I am not at work, I spend most of my time on the computer (learning, working, or entertaining myself). Despite loving the comfort of home, I like outdoor activities, especially jogging or speed-walking. Fighters do not wait to begin a natural and holistic regimen. Living happily, healthily is worth it! If you have a specific question, go to the Contact tab to send me an e-mail or call me.

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  1. For your knowledge, I bookmarked this so that I could check to see if I’m on track with how to make my fibroids shrink. I love you for this!