Fibroids Natural Healing Guide

| September 5, 2016

This basic fibroids natural healing guide is suggested specifically for the SEEDS (sleep, exercise, eat, drink, supplement).

“Most of my inspiration comes from self experiments, Amanda Leto, Dr. Sebi (RIP), and numerous research. However, most of my success came through following Leto. Therefore, I highly recommend that you obtain her guide for professional consultation,” admits Marsha. “Her approach is fully holistic, and she explains why you should or should not do certain things. You may patronize her here. Not only did the tumors shrink, but I experienced an overall improvement in my health. The guide costs pennies, but the healthy lifestyle is costly and difficult for me to maintain. Consequently, the fibroids shrink and grow. Maybe you will be able to be committed and realize complete healing. Otherwise, to incorporate the holistic approaches I use(d), please go here.”

As you know, this site is not designed to diagnose or treat you. It is a personal account of treating fibroids. You must consult your physician or nutritionist for any healing remedy.

Health Check up

Step 1

Before you begin any treatment, get the necessary health screening. You may learn that you have other health issues and this fibroids natural healing guide may not be beneficial.


Do an extensive allergy test. After your tests, look for signs and symptoms of everything you put on or in your body. If you are itching, swelling, vomiting, or having abdominal pains, chances are you may not be able to tolerate the product(s). Thus, they too should be avoided.

Blood Profiles

These tests, hemoglobin, liver, iron, CBC, urine, etc. are vital to life. Unless you have an annual check up and determined to be healthy, you may need to see your doctor every three to six months for problems that arise due to fibroids, such as low blood or anemia.


To know the amount and sizes of tumors you have and to serve as proof that the fibroids have changed in size and or quantity, you must have an ultrasound or a similar test that shares information about your uterus. Consequently, it is essential that you do another one shortly after the treatment ends.


Step 2


It is important to introduce this lifestyle slowly. However, if you are at a critical state, you may want to jump right in. Be aware that doing it this way is more likely to lead to you feeling “sick.” That is, your body is accustomed to the lifestyle it has, changing it instantly could result in new health “problems.” See “What to Expect” below. Further, it is advisable to do cleanses (intestinal, liver, etc.) before you begin. Besides, this alone will make your abdomen feel flatter or less bloated.


Decide how long you want to detox for, and then start your treatment, for about 3 months. Know that you should follow the SEEDS of this fibroids natural healing guide long after shrinkage or elimination. It is a lifestyle, your new lifestyle.


Step 3


Improve what affects the problem most. For instance, your job, relationships, stress, and or the SEEDS, etc. It could be a matter of only changing your SEEDS to realize healing, as we do not know with absolute certainty if the fibroids were born out of bad habits or heredity. As a result, sleep sufficiently. Only you know what your body needs; it could be 4 to 10 hours of sleep. Dark circles? Your body is talking to you.


Create a exercise regimen and stick to it. As your body adjusts, increase your exercise time or tasks. In terms of this fibroids natural healing guide, you must focus on abdominal activities. As examples, do crunches, twists, Kegels, contract and relax your abs, and increase your walking speed and time. Take the stairs!


It goes without saying that (heavily) processed foods shorten our lives. Think about it, when you cook a meal, how long does it last? Why would you want to buy packaged foods that expire years after they were prepared? Think about it, does it take years for fresh fruits and vegetables to stay just that, fresh? Eat healthy and your whole being will take a bow. Consider alkaline, organic, raw (for full nutrition) foods, such as nuts, seeds, fruits, herbs, spices, greens, legumes (chickpeas, green peas, and lentils, especially if you are anemic), vegetables (except the starchier ones), chicken (optional (acidic): to improve iron). A minimum amount of acidic foods should not cause any real harm as the pH is a balance between alkalinity and acidity. Just strive to be on the higher end.

Avoid added sugar and salt (both of these occur naturally in all foods; though, minimally processed sea salt seems harmless when used properly; sugar is heavily processed)!

Avoid cooked foods, particularly baked, grilled, and especially fried foods (the excess grease is suicidal, murderous…)!

These links will help you better understand what your body needs. The first is not necessarily alkaline.


Be as pure as possible. Do you water your plants with soda, sugary-milky-caffeinated tea, processed juice, or other intensified beverages? No one on this side of town does. You will ‘grow’ if you use water only. That is certain. Drink appropriately by consuming pure water or water with natural flavor enhancers, such as lime, herbs, or freshly juiced fruits or vegetables. As a cleanser or a vitamin pack, mix and drink water, limes, cayenne pepper, and garlic together. Do it to your liking. Ideally, you should drink when you are thirsty or half your body weight in ounces. “It seems as if now that I drink when I am thirsty, my period isn’t as heavy or water” states Marsha.


There are tons of supplements to try. Aim to use high potency products or those that are not common to the ear. Take for example, Marsha is using citronella oil, known as an insect repellent. What? She rubs it on her abdomen to relieve swelling. It probably works because this natural plant oil, which is similar to eucalyptus, is also good for inflammation. Still, every day products are also helpful. You could use sage, cayenne pepper, herbal vitamins, herbal suppositories, etc. Refer to this link for some ideas or visit to learn about other products to help control bleeding.

Step 4

Follow up

Knowing whether or not your body is responding favorably is not just in feeling better but also in seeing shrinkage through whichever method you used the first time. That is right. If you did a pelvic ultrasound, do the same exam after the treatment. Do not switch to a transvaginal ultrasound or something as different as an MRI. The results will not be fairly compared.

Step 5


Whether or not the results are favorable, give your body a break from the supplements, start the cleanses again, and resume Step 3 until you realize healing. Resting and returning to your previous lifestyle is not advisable. It will result in the tumors growing again, perhaps faster. Ensure that you ask your nutritionist or another professional for advice.

What to expect

Some people successfully alter their lifestyles without any adverse effects. Before she started paying more attention to her body, this was Marsha’s story. When she isolated foods to assess her allergies and intolerances and went on a 100% vegan meal plan, she noticed that consuming a large quantity of fruits, as an example, caused excessive gas, abdominal pains, diarrhea, and bloating. Or returning to her old meal plan made her nauseous, constipated, or vomit. She also lost weight and experienced extensive cravings eating like a vegan. It is a matter of counting your calories if you want to achieve or maintain a specific weight. She masters this now.

You may even experience fatigue, increased vaginal discharge or bleeding, and swelling. On a good note, they are signs that your body is expelling what should not be there. On the other hand, swelling of the tumors is scary to say the least. Sometimes it is challenging to say if it is a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ reaction. It is normal for them to swell throughout your cycle, days 1 to 28. If it does not go away after your period, it could be a supplement that you should not be taking, such as those containing soy. Soy seems to be high in the estrogen, estradiol, that your body does not need more of.


Marsha summarizes by saying, “These are treatments, SEEDS that I have been consistently planting since 2012. Though, I take breaks during hard times. This is not good and explains why the fibroids have not been eliminated as yet. Do what you can. It should help.”

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