Healthy Foods for Healthy Women

| December 25, 2012

01310573616_healthyfood1.jpgBeing wives/significant others and mothers, women play an essential role in all households. In the modern world when equality has been considerably gained for women, the gender is still put under great pressure. Though they have had more opportunities to be promoted at work, they, at the same time, have to take care of their own family. Simultaneously performing  two tasks make many women exhausted. Housework and career have taken away their time to care for themselves.

Even further, the physiological structure of women is different than that of men, so they are weaker–particularly after childbirth. Thus, women age quickly, which is one reason why they are caught up with their appearance, build, and most of all, health.

Due to their great role in the family, women should keep themselves healthy because, practically speaking, a healthy woman makes a healthy family. Therefore, nutritionists recommend 6 healthy foods for healthy women.

– Flaxseed is a plant based on omega 3 fats, fiber, and lignans – disease-fighting combines. Studies prove that flaxseed can cut hot flashes, as well as “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides.

– Kale is loaded with benefits. Lutein and zeazanthin are antioxidants that defend the eyes, but as well, there is a daily worth of vitamin C and a great quantity of vitamin K – an effective bone builder that stimulates bone proteins needed to prevent osteoporosis.

– Salmon is so full of omega 3 fats and gives a few exclusive values. Oils in this sort of fatty fish can help post-partum depression, particularly, if they take it during the third trimester. If they are in their forties and beyond, estrogen levels begin to lower. Eating fatty fish can prolong it and guard from heart disease also. The right dosage will be two servings of salmon, or different fatty fish, per week.

– Cranberry juice is recommended when it comes to handling urinary tract infections. It is acidic and has a lot of vitamin C, but in this instance antioxidants named proanthocyanins are principal actors. They stop bacteria from binding on the walls of the bladder where they can reproduce and stimulate an infection.

Whole Food Weight Loss Program– Drinking yogurt is advantageous, but Greek yogurt has double the protein of most yogurts and far less sugar. Research reveals that taking higher levels of protein (30 percent of calories) serves women with weight loss, muscle keeping, and pushes healthier aging.

– Consuming walnuts can battle breast cancer and osteoporosis. According to several investigations, two ounces of walnuts per day can help prevent breast cancer and reduce other tumor growths. Walnuts are full with antioxidants called phytosterols and omega 3 fats, too. Another study exposes that diets complete with it are adept at stopping extra bone turnover which keeps bones firm and healthy.

Additional food to add to this list are those rich in lycopene, which can play a role in preventing breast and cervical cancers. Tomatoes take part of this group, but, overall, improved health comes from eating meals rich in vegetables in general.

Eating different food is without a doubt important for both sexes, but science demonstrates that for women, there are disparate especial foods that could supply that supplementary edge that they need. It’s about nutrition that could help defend from various diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease, breast cancer… Begin playing these “cooking games” in your kitchen, and better your health.

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