Great Tasting Healthy Snacks While Dieting

| December 26, 2012

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What healthy snacks can you eat while on a diet?

Even while you want to lose weight, you might feel hungry between meals, and the good news is that there are some great tasting healthy snacks available. There is a wide range of food from which you can choose. Of course, you should keep your main goal of losing weight in mind and not overdo it. Even the healthiest food will make you gain weight if you eat too much. So what healthy snacks while dieting can you eat without endangering your goals?

Fresh fruit and vegetable snacks while dieting

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the perfect choice for a quick snack. Try dicing up some apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, papaya, or separating some grapes (take the stems out only when you go to eat them to preserve their shelf life). Speaking of preservation, however you choose to store your fruits or vegetables, always place them in air-tight containers. Bags require less space, so simply press out all the air). In terms of vegetables or fruit-vegetables (fruits are seed bearing food, but some of us refer to a group of them as vegetables), slice up some green peppers, squash, jicama (although it is a root, it tastes somewhat like apple), or eat a whole tomato. You could add a little salt, olive oil, maple syrup, lime, and seasoning of your choice. As you may know, carrots, celery, broccoli, and cauliflower are always ideal for snacking on. However, when it comes to these selections, think about genetically modified organisms (GMO). No matter what some say, carrot is definitely one of them. Read its history. You may want to visit websites such as Non-GMO Shopping Guide to learn about safe products.

Dried fruits and vegetables

Also, dried fruits are a great substitute, though, nothing beats fresh. When you do eat them, buy chewable-seeded fruits. Pitted prunes, and apricots are fine, but raisins, like grapes, should be seeded. This is important because not only will they quickly satisfy that hungry feeling, but also release all the nutrients and fibers to support you on your diet. You could also eat dried vegetables like air-popped corn, or dehydrate some of your favorite or recommended veggies like potatoes or mushrooms. You will get to eat what you want without risking weight gain. As a guide, count your calories here. Further, in order to avoid sabotaging yourself, you shouldn’t keep chocolate or other unhealthy, pre-packed snacks anywhere near you. Instead, prepare fresh/dried fruits and vegetables by dicing and zip-locking them up in the morning and storing them in the fridge. This way, you can quickly grab some healthy snacks for weight loss when you feel like it. If you have children, you could drizzle or sprinkle 100% organic maple syrup or date sugar on them to stop them from eating unhealthy sweets.

Go nuts about healthy snacks while dieting

Nuts are often avoided because they contain much fat. In low quantities, they also make a great snack between meals as they provide you with many important nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids. When you choose them as healthy snacks, select the ones that are least fatty, which includes organic raw almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and sesame seeds. This is important so you won’t ingest a bout of unhealthy saturated fatty acids that will not only counteract your weight loss efforts, but also harm your cardiovascular system.

Words of advice

It is important to look for foods that contain high amounts of fiber because they will sate your hunger, and they have a low amount of calories. However, eat only a serving of fruits, vegetables, and nuts at a time because too much sugar also creates health problems. Be sure to drink half your body’s weight in water to flush out your system (no juices or carbonated beverages; teas are okay). And don’t be too creative or become a gourmet chef in food combining. Indeed, chefs are experts at putting food together, but what about nutrition and digestion. For the amount of work that goes into gourmet cooking, food loses more nutrients and the combinations slow down the digestive tract, which results in weight gain. Rotate the various healthy snacks to avoid getting bored of eating the same things, yet keep them simple! If you get overwhelmed with preparation, consider buying from specialty stores like Whole Food Farmacy, Your body will thank you for committing to healthy snacks while dieting and, probably, lead you to continue the lifestyle, forever. For further help and guidance on weight loss, Click Here!

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