I Know Fibroids Can Be Cured, Naturally

| August 11, 2013

Fight Fibroids

Fibroids didn’t appear out of no where. What I do to manage them might be able to help you. I fight them by examining my SEEDS–the way I sleep, exercise, eat, drink, and supplement. I also employ other ways to attack this problem. And although this is an acronym, I do pay attention to the types of seeds I plant.

Because we don’t know specifically how we get them, although I think Depo Provera was the fertilizer for a hereditary condition, we must enforce everything good to combat fibroids. You could maximize your sleep intake to allow the body to repair better; do exercises that are focused on the abdomen and aerobic (crunches, speed walking); eat what’s good for your body (avoid foods that cause you abdominal pain–know your body–and increase fruits and vegetables, and decrease fat); drink plenty water and teas to flush out your system as juice is loaded with stuff the body has to breakdown (they, too, breakdown the body); and get wise about the supplements you take. Some of them are like any chemical that shouldn’t be in the body although harmless in small amounts. Would you drink 8 ozs. of bleach? Research.

As you know, we don’t get healthy by sitting on our buns. Our bodies are our first job. We must be active and reactive. Even if we’re not at our wits end, we need to listen to and follow what people say if it is good. Remember, research? Other things you could do that may be right for you are massages, acupuncture, swim, deep breathes, visualizations, meditations, attend focus groups, stress reduction activities, prayers, and be positive in everything you do, say, and think. Can you wish something bad on someone and expect it not to be returned?

We must be aware of our minds and bodies. In essence, those are the seeds we plant. We must care about everything and everyone because if we have a don’t care attitude, we could be creating a breeding ground of disaster.

I’m helping myself more than ever before. I always believed that if something causes a problem, something ought to be able to fix it. Having an idea may be all we need. My body could very well be allergic to something in that shot. Because doctors don’t examine us on a case-by-case basis, I have to suppose that it was the estrogen that did it. If it were this simple, wouldn’t science have created that harmless estrogen-lowering pill already?

If these insane tumors are shrinking because of a single fact, prayers, that’s awesome. Still, I will always be aware of the seeds I plant. For more information, Fighters, read “The Most Effective Fibroids Cure,” “The Fibroids Fighter’s Story, “Fibroids Health Update,” and select the tabs, Sleep, Exercise, Eat, Drink, and Supplement.

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Hello Fighters! I have been on a quest to learn about uterine fibroids and natural cures since 2003. I enjoy helping people so I thought it fitting to start Fibroids Fighter, which was launched on November 15, 2012. Miami, FL is what I call home. However, I was born and raised in New Providence (Nassau), The Bahamas. I work as an educator and a successful independent tutor. I aspire to become an accomplished Internet educator/entrepreneur. In 2014, I graduated from Miami Dade College with a Bachelor’s of Applied Science Degree in Supervision and Management. Several months later, I was accepted in a Master’s of Science Degree in Adult Education and Human Resource Development at Florida International University. Though, I decided not to continue due to family concerns. When I am not at work, I spend most of my time on the computer (learning, working, or entertaining myself). Despite loving the comfort of home, I like outdoor activities, especially jogging or speed-walking. Fighters do not wait to begin a natural and holistic regimen. Living happily, healthily is worth it! If you have a specific question, go to the Contact tab to send me an e-mail or call me.

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