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| November 26, 2014

Sleep sufficiently. Doctors have long been telling you to get eight hours of sleep. This is not necessarily true.

What to consider? You must be and feel well-rested. It could mean getting six or even nine hours of sleep. And be sure to go to bed around the same time each day. Your system functions on a cycle, although women know best due to menstruation, which must be established and maintained. Get to know the good things your body craves and be re-energized!

Sleep. It is not as challenging as it used to be. Though, I cannot remember a time when I got eight or more hours rest. The longest I slept, probably, was six hours. From as far as I can recall, I have only gotten four to six hours of sleep. In the past, it took about one to two hours for me to fall asleep. A part of the problem was I got off late, so I needed to unwind; because this mind was extremely active, I had nightmares; and to make matters worse baths just before bedtime washed away sleep. I formulated an experiment to see what made me fall asleep quickly. For example, I stayed up, watched TV, or read. Reading or watching TV worked like pros. No one was there to turn off the lights. Thus, I woke up. It was hard to fall back to sleep.

I have never been diagnosed with insomnia. I think easily correctable problems do not warrant tags. I plainly need to get to know what the body is asking for or telling me. A medical representative at the hospital where I worked left a tape on sleep techniques that I was able to use. It was simple and effective.

What do I…?

Relax by doing soothing things:

Out of bed

  • Watch non-violent movies, usually comedies.
  • Listen to relaxing music.
  • Take a shower two hours before bedtime.
  • Ensure that I drink the last glass of water by 8:00 p.m.
  • Prepare meals and work bag, fix hair, and iron the night before.

In bed

  • Exercise the lungs to circulate or direct renewed oxygen to the blood – I inhale, hold the breath for eight or so seconds, and then release it as loudly as I could (repeat three sets).
  • Release tension – I tighten muscles from head to toe and relax them while telling myself each body part is completely relaxed.
  • Visualize a healthy uterus or any disturbing thing  in its pure form.
  • Repeat positive thoughts like I have a healthy uterus.
  • Make the room as dark and as quiet as possible.

When I first started the breathing and tension release routines, in less than fifteen minutes, and often before I calm the entire body, I fell asleep. Nowadays, I need only to do breathing exercises before drifting off. I still have not learned how to fix one bothersome hindrance, waking up in the middle of the night. I get up to use the bathroom zero to twice compared to thrice or four times, but to fall asleep again takes a longer time. If you can deduct one thought, it is the fact that I have a peaceful, maximized sleep.

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