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| November 26, 2014

Supplement accordingly. Different foods offer unique nutrients. It is impossible to eat all of them every day.

What to consider? Do not try to figure this out by yourself. You may be damaging your organs.

Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., has a nifty Vitamin Advisor™. It tailors specific supplements–in the right dosages–for you. His supplements are not purposely for uterine tumors, yet some of his clients have better health because of them. You could arrange a free consultation with his nutritionist at 800-585-5055.

Fibrovan™ is excellent for reducing the symptoms and possibly shrinking uterine fibroids. However, you are advised strongly to learn if you are allergic to soy, as it is one of its main ingredients.

Women to Women™ also has a distinct product that was not made to treat uterine fibroids, but women with the ailment eliminated their symptoms or claim to have annihilated the tumors completely.

While Fibroids Miracle™ does not have its own supplements, the amount of information disclosed in its program is priceless. The author, Amanda Leto, speaks of holistic living from purifying your mind to purifying your body. Without a shadow of a doubt, you will profit greatly if you follow her “protocols.”

Last, Dr. Sebi has therapy treatments that are not listed on his website. You can buy some of the products separately, but he prefers to sell them as a package to meet your needs. In addition, he gives you the option to visit his getaway in Honduras to ensure that you follow his guide. For effective results, he advises that you not only become a vegan for thirty days, but also eat the foods he recommends.

Supplement. To decide which supplements are right for me can be nerve racking. I have seen so many of them that are formulated for females. To be realistic, I cannot take them all because there is no way of knowing the counter-indications, if any. After all, they have not been tested on anyone, have they? Our ancestors begat herbal medicine. Prescription drugs are born out of it. I try different products and types to see how my body reacts.

To prove a point, I was quite impressed with my last health checkup. I was taking the supplements for about six months. Most of the labs (lipid profile, chemistry panel, TSH, urinalysis, and CBC) were normal. The CA125 was out of range eight to ten times. This could be, most likely, because of the benign tumors.  Months earlier and before I started the supplements, my red blood and white blood cells were down; therefore, I turned out to be anemic and leukopenic. The first red flag I saw was cancer, followed by the scent of death. Like I said, the new results are on the scale where they are supposed to be. I feel wonderful! Other than successfully treating the uterine fibroids, concerns rest with the CA125. It is costly, so I have to wait six months to have another screening. Boohoo! Hiss!

What do I…?

Take supplements where results are felt and seen:

  • Research supplements before purchase. For instance, black cohosh is for heavy bleeding, yet it treats menopause. Is it right for me? I have many years left until then. As another example, like most of us, particularly vegans and people who eat unhealthy snacks, I ate soy each day and never had or knew of proven negative implications. I studied the pros and cons ofFibrovan™ and was fully aware that it has soy. I took it for seven months. I had mixed responses. All the symptoms were basically gone, including lighter bleeding. As advertised! Horrifyingly, the worst was happening–one of the tumors grew. I was uncertain if it was because of the soy. I stopped taking it and ventured on to Fibroids Miracle™. When I first completely eliminated processed foods from eating habits, the major tumor was shrinking. As a test, I reconvened Fibrovan™. Unfortunately, the outcome was the same. The healing process has been delayed, but I am a Fighter and the best is still to come.
  • Ingest supplements on an empty stomach with water. Juice or tea may create conflicts. To this end, I take no chances.
  • Take vegetarian or plant based supplements.
  • Commence supplements from Weil after the ones I have (red raspberry, Evening Primrose, NAC, choline/inositol, Vitex, turmeric, Gentle Iron® etc.) run out.

To further elaborate on the rejoicing digestive and reproductive systems, as indicated, Women to Women™ brought quick relief. I used the bathroom regularly, the bloating and other symptoms disappeared in no time. However, I studied the long term side effects of taking hormonal supplements. They were more negative than positive, so I stopped taking them. And the supplements were expensive to maintain. I would give anything to undergo that bliss again without fear of a chronic illness.

As demonstrated, herbal supplements work. I need to continue to learn about the body to supplement accordingly or  get the treatment package that is right for me.

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